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Frequently Asked Questions

If I come to AA or Al-Anon meetings does this along make me a ‘Member of the Club?” 
No. You are a member of the AA or Al-Anon group you are attending; you belong to the Alano Club only if you apply for membership & pay dues.

What is an Alano Club Membership?  

Because AA and Al-Anon traditions keep us from engaging in business or owning property, the Alano Club is a separate entity.  Alano Club members make dues and/or donations as a contribution towards the operating budget of the club, over and above the contributions he/she makes at group meetings when the basket is passed.

Must I pay Alano Club dues to come to AA or Al-Anon meetings?  
No.  You are ALWAYS welcome at meetings for which you meet the groups’ qualifications.  

Does AA have information on the relationship between AA and Clubs?
Yes.  The General Service Office has a set of AA Guidelines titled
Relationship Between A.A. and Clubs. These guidelines provide valuable experience and information. A copy can be found on the AA website.

There have also been several General Conference recommendations regarding clubs including:

  • Conference members agreed that clubs should not use the A.A. name,

  • Should be organized apart from A.A., 

  • Rather than accept money from outside sources, should be supported by membership dues and individual contributions from club members. 

  • G.S.O. does not accept contributions from clubs. 

  • Clubs are not listed in A.A. Directories. However, groups that meet in are listed in the Directories.

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