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Rental Rules




All reservations for the activity room may be made by a member no more than sixty (60) days in advance of the event. If a member cancels the reservation a full refund will be given if the request is made more than thirty (30) days in advance of the scheduled event (case by case basis). Also a member MUST be present at all times during use of activity room.


1.  Sponsored events will be given priority and are exempt from restriction as determined by the Board of Directors and must fill out a reservation form.

2.  Alano Club members have full privileges of the activity room at any time unless the room is reserved specifically with board approval. (Reminder: this Club belongs to the members of the HDAC, not members of AA)

3.  All reservations for use of activity room shall be made through the HDAC by filling out the request (before the event) and presenting it to the elected board on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm or mailing the request to PO Box 875, Ridgecrest, CA 93556. (No individual board member can approve any activity)

4.  The Member reserving the activity room must sign a reservation agreement, agreeing that s/he will be responsible for any and all damages which may occur during the use of the facilities.

5.  A maximum of 219 persons will be allowed to occupy the activity room at any one time. (Posted by exit door)

6.  No event shall last for more than twelve (12) continuous hours without prior HDAC board approval, which includes set-up and clean-up.

7.  Damage deposit and user fee must be by cash, check or money order. All checks and money orders must be paid by the member requesting the reservation and should be made payable to HDAC..

8.  The damage deposit may be forfeited if there is any violation of any of the rules relating to room rental. Future use of the activity room may also be suspended for a period of time. This shall be at the discretion of the elected members of the board (with membership input).

9.  If any person attending a party/function at the activity room creates a disturbance or displays behavior that is considered to be a nuisance and requires immediate attention by members, such as removal from the property, future rentals of the activity room may be suspended and forfeit all fees and deposit.

10.  No person may use the activity room in such a manner as to interfere with the rights, comforts, conveniences, or peaceful enjoyment of the adjoining areas.

11.  Any equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, stereos, speakers, etc.) must remain within the confines of the building. (Case by case basis)

12.  No pets shall be allowed at anytime in the clubhouse, except for registered certified assistance animals adorned in proper certification attire.

13.  The activity room must be cleaned prior to leaving the premises at the end of a function or event. Fees for any additional cleaning deemed necessary shall be determined by the current elected board.

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